Story Submissions

We want to hear from you!

This page is designed to encourage you to submit your stories, thoughts, inspirations, routines, opinions, observations in any form of expression you desire. We will be reading and sharing your words. This is a tool for us to connect through our experiences (good, f**ked up and everything in between). E-motion, let your emotions move…

004: #HOWAREYOUFEELING – We are on this beautifully weird planet together. Please tell us – How are you feeling?

003: #MANIFEST THIS – Share your journey with Manifestation. What works for you?

002: #PROUD SOCIETY –  We want to hear from deep within you. What pride means to you, how it has impacted your life or the ones you love, how you strive for it to change and improve

001: #NEXT SOCIETY – Write a response to what you see our Society shifting into in the near future